Fab City Store

Supporting the designers of the sustainable and connected city.

The Fab City Store supports designers, craftmen and makers who build the city of tomorrow; sustainable, open and social.

Whether they upcycle our waste or produce locally, all rethink our current system of production and consumption for a sustainable model, combining local manufacturing and global cooperation.

The Fab City Store connects creators and their market, through its network of responsible manufacturers and committed resellers.

The Creators

The City Manufacturers.

The creators of the Fab City Store are the real actors of the responsible city. They are looking for new paradigms of productions; short circuits, reuse and sharing. Helping them is helping ourselves !

Our Actions

Decentralized and protean.

The Fab City Store has no fixed place, it moves according to the opportunities and its creators. Whether it’s a Christmas pop-up store, a prescribers’ show or a decentralized co-design workshop, the Fab City store transforns to best represent its creators.

Our Goals

Support the change.

The Fab City Store supports the creators who defend and promote our values. We mobilize our network to help creators in reaching their market, acessing manufacturing spaces and creating of their structure.

The network

Global and Local.

The Fab City Store is an experimental project held by a community of local and global actors.

It is orchestrated and supported by community of actors for the sustainable, social and durable fabrication; Urban factories, stores, resourcers, manufacturers, incubators and public partners.